Richard McDuffie, Jr. (Rick) with McCurdy's Cinnamon, out of "She's A Mystery" by our Doctor Coppertone.

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Vintage video of the McDuffie granddaughters-
Katie, Catherine, Sarah, Faith, Jessica and Isabelle with McCurdy horses.
New Arran Farm

McCurdy Plantation Horses

Rick and Debbie McDuffie
777 Miller Rd.
Benson, NC  27504

Standing at Stud: Doctor Coppertone
Registered McCurdy Plantation Stallion (F-12)
Foaled 1991, coppertone chestnut
Proven sire of naturally gaited foals

Stud Fee: $250 plus mare pasture board
Live foal guarantee

A Scottish thistle on the Isle of Arran

Why "New Arran" Farm?

Rick's direct ancestor, Scotsman Daniel (Donald) McDuffie, emigrated to the Cape Fear region of North Carolina in 1739, from the Isle of Arran, Scotland, in the Firth of Clyde.  Rick and Debbie returned to Arran in 2016, and found it to be an absolutely beautiful place.  No doubt, Daniel would have stayed there if he had been able to eke out a living for himself and his family.  Due to the agricultural revolution, sheep herding was taking the place of subsistence farming, and tenants were being ousted from the Laird's land, so tens of thousands of them came to the Cape Fear.   Our farm is named "New Arran" in tribute to Daniel and the Scottish emigrants who settled in the Cape Fear region in the 1700s.

Daniel McDuffie didn't ride McCurdy horses (they didn't exist as such in the 1700s), but he was obviously an intelligent and adventurous young man- so we have to assume he rode their ancestors!
About the McDuffies

Rick's father, Richard McDuffie, Sr., who passed away in 2006, was one of the founding directors of the McCurdy Plantation Horse Association and Registry.  Richard and Rick were riding partners and co-laborers with McCurdy horses from the early 1960s until Richard Sr.'s death at age 73.  At Richard's death, Rick brought Doctor Coppertone to North Carolina, and has continued to breed, own and ride McCurdy horses until the present day.  Rick is coordinator for the East Coast chapter of the McCurdy Plantation Horse Association, which includes Virginia, the Carolinas and Southeast Georgia.

Rick is an active pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and serves Westminster Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville, NC.  He is married to Debbie, a school administrator.  They have 3 daughters (2 of whom reside in the U.K.) and 7 grandchildren.

Rick's mother, Lynette, who is known to many McCurdy horse folks, still lives in Aiken, SC and is doing well.  Lynette still owns 2 McCurdy horses- Sam and Rose- who are ridden by her grandchildren Isabelle and Isaiah Holland.

Liberty (registered as "Pouncey's Pretty Posey") as a 2 year old, with trainer Kyle Harrell aboard, in 2011.  Liberty is our newest addition, and we're looking forward to seeing some foals from her and Doctor Coppertone.  Liberty was bred by MPHA Director Teddy Pouncey.

Rocket, Cinnamon and Missy

Some of Doctor Coppertone's offspring

Missy and Cinnamon as 2 year olds. 
Both were Doctor Coppertone foals

Richard McDuffie, Sr. up on Sam, McCurdy Ride, 2002

Rick riding Doctor Coppertone